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Britannia Reeds was founded in 1989 from a small work-shop in St Albans. During the first hectic year we were surprised at just how much the needs of players differed. After extensive further research we developed a carefully designed range of reeds which, in a systematic way, covers all major workable dimensions. All our reeds are hand-crafted to our own designs.

Since those early years we have further increased the range in response to certain players’ feedback and we have continued to strive to improve the products and services we offer. Our reeds are now played in more than 35 countries around the World.

Reed Production
Since our very earliest days we have aimed to produce reeds which are reliable and consistent. Because we are using natural cane as our raw material, which varies considerably, we focus very much on quality in our reed-making to produce the best hand-finished reeds possible.

In order to keep to our quality standards we can’t use all the cane we buy, and a good proportion is discarded from every batch. This means that our reeds are made only with hand-selected, quality cane.

All our reeds are tested and adjusted personally by our reed experts before sale. In this way we ensure the reeds are of the highest possible standard.  


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